How to save money on motor car insurance

With car insurance rates rising to record levels and motorists being hit hard at the petrol pump over the past 12 months, experts have come forward to provide tips for finding discount car insurance in the UK.

The AA says that 2010 saw the largest jump in average motor car insurance prices ever.  The average motorist saw their premiums increase by 33.2 per cent to £843 a year.  For younger drivers aged 17 to 22, the price hike was even more eye-watering with a 58 per cent increase to just over £2,250.

Experts say that sometimes shopping around may not do enough to cut your insurance bills.  However there are other ways you can purse cheaper car insurance, and industry experts have shared them with motorists to ease their financial burden.

One of the simplest ways to reduce insurance premiums is to add an additional driver to the policy regardless of their age or experience, experts say.  Even if the secondary driver is younger or hasn’t had their licence as long as you have, insurers take into account that additional driver’s particulars and often end up discounting your premium as a result.

Another way to save some cash is to either get a car that’s cheaper to insure – or if you can, convert your car into one such as a camper van.  Some classes of vehicles are simply inherently less expensive to purchase insurance cover for, and capitalising on this can lead to significant savings.

If driving around in a camper van isn’t your cup of tea, consider a classic car instead.  One of the many benefits of owning one is indeed the discounted rate offered by many insurers.  Additionally each insurer’s definition of ‘classic’ is different: one insurer lists Land Rovers as eligible for classic car insurance if over 15 years old, while BMWs can be considered ‘classic’ after only 10 years.  Jaguars have the shortest waiting period with only 5 years.

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