Sat navs untrustworthy says motor car insurance firm

Sat nav systems have been found to be untrustworthy by many motorists in the UK, according to new data released by a leading provider of discount car insurance.

Motor car insurance retailer Swinton polled 3,000 motorists for a new survey and found that at 79 per cent, nearly 4 out of every 5 respondents had ignored the instructions their sat navs have provided them.  The prevailing motivation for doing so was reported as a perception that the devices were providing inefficient or incorrect information regarding motoring routes.

The survey also found that at 63 per cent, nearly two out of every three motorists admitted to making sure they had a route map in their cars.  Drivers stated they did so just in case they needed some extra help reaching their destinations.

Motorists told Swinton that the average distance they have been guided out of their way by incorrect sat nav directions was nearly 6 miles.

Swinton’s insurance development manager Steve Chelton stated that having a car equipped with a sat nav can be a helpful tool when traveling.  Many motorists benefit from the use of their sat navs, he added, but if the system is faulty or if it is not used correctly sat navs can add undue traveling time and stress to any journey.

Drivers need to ensure that they spend adequate time in journey planning activities prior to departure, the insurance development manager stated.  Part of those pre-trip precautions can and sometimes should include the addition of a backup map – especially if traveling to a location with which the driver is unfamiliar, Mr Chelton further stated.

Industry experts agree that sat navs can sometimes lead to further troubles on the road.  In order to avoid accidents that could lead to an increase in car insurance rates, motorists should refrain from fiddling with their sat navs if their car is in motion, they caution.

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