Swinton warns UK drivers to have regular eye tests

One motor car insurance provider recently warned motorists in the UK to make sure they receive regular eye tests to ensure that their ability to see clearly meets strict requirements set by the DVLA.

Cheap car insurance provider Swinton recently polled 1,200 of its online car insurance customers, revealing that more than one third had not taken an eye test in more than four years.  This could result in the withdrawal of their driving licence if their eyesight has deteriorated since their last eye exam.

The law states that motorists need to be able to be able to clearly see a number plate from 20 metres if the vehicle is displaying the new type of registration plate (the old style number plate’s requirement is 20.5 metres). Drivers who have difficulties reading a number plate from either of those distances either unaided or with the help of corrective lenses, is in violation of the law and could face the revocation of their licence as a result.

The survey’s results also found that 26 per of respondents stated that their last visit to their eye doctor occurred four to six years ago.  Fourteen per cent had not had an eye check-up six to eight years prior, and 10 per cent had gone between eight years and ten years between optician visits.  6 per cent had let a decade go by without getting their vision checked, the survey also found.

Swinton’s insurance development manager Steve Chelton commented that despite the lack of legal obligation to have regular eye tests, it is mandatory for motorists to have the ability to read a number plate from at least 20 metres away. Drivers who do not possess the ability to do so are not only endangering their own lives but the lives of others as well, Mr Chelton also said.

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