MP submits early day motion for discount car insurance

One MP has recently submitted an early day motion to Parliament in an attempt to make discount car insurance for young drivers more accessible in the future.

MP John McDonnell stated that he was concerned with high motor car insurance costs for younger drivers, as some car insurance rates for these classes of drivers have risen to as much as £8,000 per year.  This can limit the ability of younger drivers to seek and gain employment in any area of the country in which the public transport options are limited or not feasible.

The exorbitant costs can also act as a stumbling block to young motorists in gaining experience in such a crucial skill as driving, continued the MP.  Another concern MP McDonnell voiced was that more young motorists would begin to drive without purchasing insurance cover at all, which could lead to even higher costs in the event of a road traffic accident.

Mr McDonnell called upon the Secretary of State for Transport to make it a requirement of the motor insurance industry to submit proposals for the reform of insurance arrangements for younger motorists.  The MP suggested that young drivers could be given access to more reasonably priced insurance rates through the use of excess charges.

The transport secretary was also submitted questions for written answer by Maria Eagle, PM for Garston and Halewood, in a request for increased and cheaper public transport access for those between the ages of 17 and 25 to offset the rising price of motor insurance.

MP Eagle also asked if the plans of the transport department to fund research efforts into international efforts to reduce road traffic accident injury claims and if the deployment and promotion of new technological assets to determine the motoring habits of younger drivers towards the purpose of reducing accident rates would be assessed.

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