Car insurance companies warn motorists on lighter nights

Car insurance companies have begun to issue warnings to motorists that since daylight is lasting longer every evening the number of drink drivers may be on the upswing.

One such discount car insurance provider, Swinton, has stated that more people are socialising after the end of their workday as winter ends and Spring brings warmer and lighter evenings.

Motorists caught drink driving will face getting as many as 11 points and having a DR10 conviction code on their licence, Swinton warns.   The driver can expect quite a large fine, as well as their car insurance rates going up for demonstrating their irresponsibility as a matter of law as represented by the conviction.

Swinton’s insurance development manager, Steve Chelton, commented that people are more likely to go and have an evening in a beer garden at the end of their work day with their friends now that nights are getting lighter and warmer with the arrival of Spring. Mr Chelton also stated that drink driving, which is a quite serious crime, can endanger not only the life of the driver but the lives of pedestrians and other users of the road.

In addition to the possibility of hefty fines, a possible jail term, and points on a motorist’s licence, a motorist will find even the cheapest car insurance they can find will be much more dear than it would have been had they not engaged in drink driving, added the insurance development manager.

Leave the car at home if you fancy a drink in the sunshine, Mr Chelton advised.

With more than 600 branches across the UK, Swinton is the largest retailer of high street insurance in the UK.  Swinton provides several different insurance options for consumers such as home insurance, car, caravan, and motorbike insurance, as well as holiday and business insurance as well.

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