1p fuel duty reduction worthless, motorists say

One car insurance comparison website recently conducted research that revealed 86 per cent of motorists will find the 1p fuel duty reduction worthless in regards to reducing the costs of motoring.

7,300 consumers were polled by Moneysupermarket.com regarding the budget measure that will reduce the price of petrol and diesel by 1p per litre in an event to make driving less expensive.  Many of the respondents were sceptical as to the real value of the reduction since the recent rise in VAT added 3p to the price of a litre of petrol alone.

Add to this the constantly upward creep of petrol prices caused by the price of crude oil going up, and many consumers are trying to control costs by switching to a discount car insurance alternative in order to save cash.

The online car insurance quote resource’s, Kevin Mountford, stated that while the 1p fuel duty reduction may be a step in the right direction it simply doesn’t give enough relief to motorists already suffering from the financial squeeze.

The price of fuel has been escalating higher than many original estimates, added Mr Mountford, stating that drivers in the UK have become more and more desperate to see a price reduction occur.

Mr Mountford stated that drivers need to look for alternative ways to reduce the costs of owning and operating a motor vehicle in the UK.  He advises drivers to look for the best car insurance deal they can find in order to save some cash.  Additional suggestions of driving smoothly and keeping the correct amount of pressure in car tyres were made to maximise fuel efficiency as well.

Many industry experts have also reported that the demand for fuel efficient cars has increased in recent months as motorists look to less expensive motoring options.

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