Cheap car insurance is not out of reach experts say

Many industry experts have recently said that despite the lean economic times, discount car insurance is not as out of reach as many believe it to be.

Experts on car insurance companies urge motorists to broaden their horizons in order to find the best rates.  While many drivers will seek the cheapest car insurance quote they can find by diligently calling insurer after insurer, which can take countless hours of ultimately wasted time, shopping for the best deals online is a time-saver.

Online car insurance shopping can also save motorists from the loss of sanity and patience associated with constantly being asked the same questions over and over again by call centre staff.  Most car insurance comparison sites will have a driver fill out an online questionnaire which will then direct them to those insurers that fulfill given criteria or even provide an instant car insurance quote right then and there.

Motorist can also reap the rewards of having a positive credit rating while on the hunt for discount car insurance.  Many insurers will check a driver’s credit score when they submit an application, and the score will tell the insurer how well any given motorist copes with paying monthly bills and expenses.  Many drivers with high scores will therefore pay lower rates than those with lower ones.

However many companies will provide excellent rates to those with less-than-perfect credit.  These insurers will usually charge more up-front but have lower monthly premiums as a result.  Those willing to put up with a larger down payment can therefore benefit from less expense across the entire term of their premiums.

Moreover, don’t forget that many insurers will offer several different kinds of discounts to drivers with clean driving records.  The no-claims discount is the most popular one, which builds up year-on-year and can result in considerable savings.  Some insurers even let you transfer a no-claims discount when switching providers.

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