Car insurance comparison site says the only way is clean

One car insurance comparison website has recently joined forces with ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ stars Nanny Pat, Sm Faiers, and Jessica Wright to launch a Spring car clean campaign designed to reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Online car insurance site released research findings that show UK motorists are some of the muckiest, a trend that can increase not only danger on the roads but also car insurance rates as well.  Nearly 20 per cent of motorists were found to have been involved in a traffic collision caused by rubbish cluttering the insides of their cars, the survey found.

The survey conducted by the discount car insurance comparison site additionally found that 50 per cent of motorists made the confession that the insides of their cars only get cleaned once a year.  8 per cent of UK drivers even admitted that they never take their accumulated rubbish out to the bin at all. car insurance head Gareth Kloet stated that cars that aren’t kept tidy can be quite literally filled with litter that could cause potential dangers whilst driving.  Mr Kloet stated that all it takes is for an empty crisp packet to blow about in a moving vehicle to distract a motorist’s attention at a critical moment, while empty cans can easily roll underfoot and become lodged beneath the control pedals.

The sausage plait-plying Nanny Pat remarked that when the comparison site told her how cluttered cars could lead to road traffic accidents, she immediately thought of the safety of her grandson Mark and the other stars of ‘The Only Way Is Essex,’ specifically stating that her grandson always had water bottles and leaflets lying about in his car.

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