Insurer: drivers lose out by not appealing parking tickets

One motor car insurance provider has recently revealed that motorists lose out big by not appealing against parking tickets to the tune of £58.5 million yearly.

Cheap car insurance provider LV= conducted research concerning 2010 ticketing practices, discovering that one out of every twenty UK motorists received parking tickets that they have the ability to appeal.  However only 25 per cent of motorists try to contest a ticket once it has been issued.  At 88 per cent, an overwhelming proportion of those who do appeal the decision end up successfully getting their parking ticket dismissed.

At 53 per cent, more than half of motorists insured by LV= who participated in the study stated they paid their parking tickets even in circumstances that they feel were unfair.  This figure is believed to be common across all policyholders from multiple car insurance companies.  The reason? An assumption that they will simply not be able to prevail.   Many survey respondents also stated that they felt confusion in regards to following the appeals procedure, as 8 per cent of respondents admitted to having no knowledge of the claim initiation process.

Many parking fines that are traditionally considered to be ‘unfair’ occur in areas where there are unclear parking signs.  Other drivers reported such questionable parking fines that were precipitated by a car breaking down in a no-parking zone, getting fined whilst on the way to the machine to purchase a parking ticket, and road markings that were misleading. Luckily only 2 per cent of motorists reported the fabrication of evidence by parking attendants to support the ticket issue.

One out of every ten tickets issued were to cars parked in public building car parks that were the responsibility of local authorities such as GP surgeries, hospitals, and libraries.

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