One in six UK motorists driving without motor car insurance

One new survey has discovered a shocking new statistic: one out of every six motorists in the UK have admitted to driving without motor car insurance.

A new survey conducted by a leading car insurance comparison website discovered that 16 per cent of respondents have gotten behind the wheel of a car that didn’t have the proper cover.  Seven per cent indicated that they did so in a car they owned personally while an identical amount of respondents admit to driving a third party’s car that lacked insurance.  Two per cent made the admission that they drove uninsured in the time between renewal periods. More egregious is the 27 per cent of respondents who claimed ignorance of the need for at least discount car insurance before slipping behind the wheel.

Car insurance expert Peter Harrison commented on the survey results by stating that he found it extremely worrisome that such a high percentage of drivers were prepared to break the law by driving without insurance.  Mr Harrison stated that anyone who finds themselves involved in a road traffic accident whilst driving an uninsured vehicle could face a fine of up to £5,000, not to mention liability in the thousands of pounds.

The insurance expert stated that uninsured motorists can cost car insurance companies nearly £500 million annually.  These costs are passed along to honest motorists, who end up paying £30 on average in addition in premiums, Mr Harrison added.

While many drivers in the UK are looking for ways to cut costs – especially in light of the rising cost of fuel – it’s the worst kind of false economy to go without proper insurance cover, experts say.

Younger drivers are typically thought to be the worst offenders, as the number of those aged 18 to 34 years that admitted to driving an uninsured vehicle were 29 per cent.

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