Comparison site offers tips for young drivers to save

Following a recent ruling by the European Court of Justice that will increase car insurance rates for younger women, one price comparison site has offered tips on how to find discount car insurance for young drivers.

Online car insurance comparison site is offering the new information in direct response to the new ECJ ruling that recently decided that car insurance companies cannot use gender as a determining factor.  The comparison site added that the decision will most likely result in increased premiums for young women. claims that there are a myriad of ways that motorists can save both prior to and after the ruling goes into effect on 21 December 2010.  One such step the comparison site recommended is that purchasing a motor vehicle that is relatively inexpensive to insure is one step in the right direction.

An additional suggestion made by the website was to ensure that the car is fitted with the latest security systems, as many insurers will provide a discount for anti-theft devices.  Providing an insurer with usage details can also be beneficial, as a car that is used for work-related travel will most likely be more expensive to insure in comparison to one which is primarily used socially.

Gareth Kloet, car insurance head for the price comparison website, stated that there was another thing to consider when it comes to saving money on insurance costs: switching providers.  Mr Kloet stated that while many drivers may be tempted to stick it out with their current insurance provider, loyalty rewards for doing so are few and far between.

In related news, the ECJ ruling was described by marketing director Mike Hoban as a gender tax that specifically targeted women.

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