Cheap car insurance? There’s an app for that

One motor car insurance provider who specialises in short term van insurance and temporary car insurance has recently announced that a new iPhone app is in the works that will make finding online car insurance quotes even more convenient.

Developed by discount car insurance provider, Tempcover, the app will soon be made available for free download from the Apple iTunes store.  It will be compatible with all iPhone models in addition to all iPad Touch models as well.

The new app will have several key features and will include the ability to make a claim while on the go or obtain an online car insurance quote. Experts say that while the market for such mobile applications has been growing steadily, many are only of limited use and not designed for the specific car insurance cover marketplace.  Unlike other apps however the new Tempcover app allows its users to conduct business with the insurer without having to speak to a representative. Experts say that this will increase both the usability and the functionality of the app.

Tempcover app users will be presented with a home screen when first using the app.  From there users can navigate the simple and intuitive interface at their leisure.

Tempcover representatives additionally predict that the app will make it easier to cope with the aftermath of a car accident due to a specialised feature.  When a user reports an accident through the app, it records the location of the accident through GPS technology embedded in the iPhone.  It also permits the user to take snaps of the accident and attach the photos to the accident claim as well.

The app also features an accident checklist for those shaken up but physically unharmed accident victims in order to remind them of the importance of collecting relevant information such as the date and time of the incident and the identities of all those involved.

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