Motor car insurance scammers caught via social network

A group of Wirralian motor car insurance fraudsters was recently discovered to be in league with each other when two of the drivers involved in a staged road traffic accident turned out to be linked together as friends in the social network Facebook.

After he reported that his Vauxhall Axtra was allegedly struck by a hire car driven by James Stuart, Daniel Locke made a claim for injuries he had supposedly sustained in the incident.  Mr Locke claimed against both his and the other driver’s car insurance companies for damage done to his car and injuries done to himself.

Mr Locke’s insurer AXA Insurance conducted an investigation into the accident.  In doing so the discount car insurance provider found that the area in which the crash had supposedly occurred had been the site of several similar accidents involving younger drivers and hire cars. The investigation also found that when the cars collided, the motor vehicle that the hire car collided with was typically packed full-to-bursting with passengers that would go on to all make separate injury claims against insurers.

The insurer found that there were a total of 8 car accidents that shared similar characteristics in the area of the Wirral where Mr Locke reported his own accident. Further investigations revealed that the two drivers that had been involved in the road traffic accident had nearly 40 mutual friends on Facebook.  AXA states that while they were not directly friends with each other on the social networking site, the number of mutual friends they shared is proof that they were members of the same social circles.

Many of the other people who were involved in the 8 fraudulent accidents were discovered to be linked either through relationships or shared addresses.

A judge at London’s High Court recently threw out Mr Locke’s compensation case as a result of the fraud.

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