Car insurance companies give tips for fighting petrol prices

With oil prices soaring to a new 30 month high and taking petrol prices up with them, car insurance companies have begun to give tips to their customers on ways to fight rising fuel costs.

One motor car insurance provider recently revealed online survey findings that indicated that just over two thirds of the 1200 motorists polled faced weekly budget readjustments in order to cope with the rising costs of motoring. The survey also found that 21 per cent of  respondents have chosen to start up car share schemes in order to stretch their hard-earned cash just that much more.

In the wake of such findings, discount car insurance providers have been issuing tips to their customers to maximise their motor vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Maintaining motor vehicles so they are in good repair is essential for good fuel economy, say insurers.  Engines in need of tune-ups could burn 50 per cent more petrol than ones that are maintained properly, they add.

Furthermore, insurers say that the elimination of short journeys, if practical, is one way to save on fuel costs. So is traveling at times when queues are at their shortest, as sitting in traffic congestion will burn more fuel than smooth driving.

Many motoring experts state that eliminating unnecessary weight from a car can improve mileage as well.  Leaving heavy boxes in the boot or in the backseat is a sure-fire way to end up paying more at the pump.

However car-sharing with family and friends could be beneficial to give your own car a much-needed break from time to time, sources say.  Parents making the school run with their children can stand to save big.

Finally insurers issued the reminder to not exceed speed limits.  Most cars are engineered to be at their most fuel efficient at 60 mph.  Research indicates that a six per cent reduction in fuel economy occurs for every 5 mph above 60.

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