Driving instructor calls possible new insurance rules unfair

One Coventry driving instructor has recently stated that the possibility of the European Court Justice putting an end to discount car insurance for women would be a grave injustice to female drivers.

Real Help driving school instructor Sadhna Patel stated that the resultant increase to women’s car insurance rates would not be fair since in her opinion male drivers are statistically more like to cause accidents than women.

Ms Patel’s male learner drivers have proven themselves to be much more accident prone than her female students, she stated.  She stated that the women she teaches are much safer and more reasonable when they get behind the wheel during lessons.

Ms Patel is in total disagreement with the possibility of increased motor car insurance costs for women.  While both her male and female students pass their driving lessons, she related one story where one of his male students crashed his brand-new car just two weeks after passing his test.  The car, which had been a gift from the boy’s mother, was a total write-off.

If the decision to end the practice of determining car insurance premiums along gender lines is made by the European courts, women drivers under the age of 25 face the possibility of up to 50 per cent increases in their insurance rates.  This could translate into an additional £600 a year.

Bell Green native Jade Hambridge, who is a learner driver, expressed her disgust at the possibility of having her rates raised.

The learner driver and 19 year old single mother stated that her new Renault Clio is costing her almost £3,000 a year in insurance premiums.  She called the amount exorbitantly unjust especially since she is taking lessons on safe driving.

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