One third of motorists neglect regular vehicle checks

In a new survey carried out by one motor car insurance provider, one out of three motorists indicated that they neglect to conduct regular vehicle maintenance checks.

In information that may be of interest to car insurance companies, more than one fifth of UK motorists neglect to check monthly as well.   The most neglected check was found to be that of ensuring the proper tread depth on a motor vechicle’s tyres, which must be at least 1.66 millimetres in order to be safe to drive.  The survey found that only 38 per cent of motorists perform this safety check once a month.

Less than half of all respondents indicated that they neglected to inspect the water coolant level of their engine.  Doing so regularly is considered essential in order to prevent engines from overheating.

Cheap car insurance experts state that motorists make considerations every day in order to keep themselves and their family healthy and safe.  The same train of thought should be applied to making sure their motor vehicles are roadworthy and safe, they added.

Simple and straightforward basic checks require only minutes of a motorist’s time, continued one expert.  Ensuring that the cars motorists drive are safe and in good condition can lead to peace of mind as well.

Motorists unsure of how to conduct maintenance checks on their cars should carefully consult the driver’s manual for their car.  Other sources of reliable information may be a family member with experience in motor vehicle maintenance, an online guide, a roadside assistance provider, or a trusted local garage.

The survey found that many other essential maintenance checks were ignored regularly by motorists as well.  These checks included those to screen wsh level, oil level, rear, front, and brake lights, and windscreen wipers.

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