Sheila’s Wheels dismisses new EU motor car insurance ruling

One provider of discount car insurance for women has been dismissive of suggestions that the looming EU ruling on the removal of gender discrimination on motor car insurance would have an affect on its position in the market.

Sheila’s Wheels is one of many car insurance companies that are waiting to see if the European Court of Justice will rule that offering different car insurance rates depending on gender is illegal.  Industry experts predict that such a ruling could adversely affect the amount women pay on their insurance premiums; women benefit from reduced rates due to a statistical tendency to be safer drivers than men, and an ECJ ruling could bring those figures up.

A spokesman for Sheila’s Wheels owner eSure stated that instead of dreading an ECJ ruling that could raise rates for women, the insurer instead would view such an event as a prime opportunity to attract more women to the brand.

Such a ruling would have a minimal effect on the price of the insurer’s policies due to the very small percentage of men who have cover with Sheila’s Wheels, the spokesman stated.  This would result in the cost of both claims and premiums being kept low.  The insurer predicted a larger number of women would then become attracted to the benefits of having car insurance cover through the brand, which would reinforce the affordable premiums.

The spokesman stated that any male customers of the insurer will be fairly treated in the event of a new ECJ ruling.  However he added there is no indication that the number of male drivers who choose to take up a policy with Sheila’s Wheels will adversely effect the vast majority of the rates for its female customers.

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