2 out of 3 Brits changing driving habits due to economy

Figures from one recently released survey have revealed that two out of every three Brits have decided to change their driving habits on account of the rising car insurance rates and fuel prices.

One leading online car insurance comparison website recently discovered the new motorist trend.  The survey findings indicated that almost 50 per cent of all those surveyed would be considering a car with higher fuel efficiency when it came time to purchase a new one. 8 per cent of respondents indicated that they would be utilising public transport in order to minimise the impact of rising fuel and insurance costs.  Furthermore, 11 per cent of those surveyed would be on the hunt for discount car insurance as an alternative to their current policies.

Meanwhile, one insurance expert stated that he was not surprised to find drivers searching hard for ways to reduce the amount of money it costs for motoring.  This is especially expected when both fuel and insurance prices have been rising steadily, the expert added.  He pointed out that recent research demonstrated that car insurance premiums increased at a rate of 31 per cent throughout the course of last year – which is equivalent to a rise of 44p every day in 2010.

The expert stated that consumers can benefit from taking the time to shop around for the best insurance they can find in light of insurance premiums reaching record high levels.  Those motorists who took the time would benefit greatly due to the amount of financial savings they would experience, he added.

Industry insiders have listed several different ways for motorists to reduce the cost of their insurance premiums.  Many such strategies for savings are paying yearly instead of monthly and reducing the number of miles put on over the course of a year.

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