Prepare for new motor car insurance rules, says DVLA

New motor car insurance rules will soon go into effect in the UK which will compel all motorists to obtain at least discount car insurance for their vehicle unless specifically registered as taken off-road.

The new regulations will extend past the current levels of insurance requirements in that now all vehicles that motorists pay tax on must have sufficient cover.  This new rule is regardless of whether the motorists actually use the car or not.

Motorists who keep their cars garaged for long periods of time are most likely to run afoul of the new regulations.  Additionally, any motor caravan owners that only use them for short periods during the year may be affected as well.  This is due to the tendency to spend less on car insurance rates by insuring their vehicles for only the times in which the vehicles are used.

Any motorists found to be in violation of the new regulations could face the possibility of £1,000 in fines or more.  Additionally, they run the risk of their vehicle being seized by the authorities and destroyed.

While no specific date has been set, the new regulations will begin this coming spring.

DVLA spokesperson David Evans commented on the new rules, stating that it is widely known that uninsured motorists are an unmitigated roadway menace. Additionally, Mr Evans stated that there is evidence  of uninsured drivers raising honest motorists’ insurance premiums by around £30 to counteract the costs they incur in road traffic accidents.

The only escape from the new regulations is if motorists declares their vehicle as officially taken off-road.  Motorists can do this by filling out a Statutory Off Road Notification and submitting it to the DVLA.  More information regarding SORN can be found at

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