UK motorists warned about changes to motor car insurance

British Motorists have recently been issued warnings by car insurance groups in regards to an upcoming change in motor car insurance regulations this spring.

The Motor Insurer’s Bureau and the DVLA have joined forces to educate motorists through the distribution of informational leaflets detailing the change to discount car insurance.

The new regulations will make having insurance a requirement for the ownership of a car.  This even applies to cars not on the road unless specially registered with the DVLA.

The new laws are just one facet of a governmental plan to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the UK’s roads. An estimated £30 of every insurance policy paid by an honest driver goes to cover the costly and foolish mistakes made by uninsured drivers getting into accidents.

Both the DVLA and the MIB have referred to the new regulations has a step in the right direction for increased enforcement levels regarding uninsured driving. Both industry bodies hope that the new changes will work to encourage proper registration behaviour on the part of car owners.  Doing so will enable the authorities to keep abreast of which drivers are insured and which drivers aren’t.  This will make it easier to uncover motorists who refuse to abide by the regulations.

Plans are in place for a close monitoring of the situation after the new guidelines are introduced. Authorities are hoping that the new rules will have a statistically significant impact on those drivers who choose to get behind the wheel without insuring their vehicles.

Those found to be neglecting to insure their cars properly will be faced with punitive measures ranging from an initial written warning to the possibility of being fined and having their car seized and destroyed.

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