Brits to change driving habits to reduce expenditures

Two out of every three Brits plans to alter their motoring habits as a way to reduce their expenditures according to a new survey.

One motor car insurance comparison site recently polled its users in regards to rising car insurance rates and the respondents said that fuel prices would have an influence on their next car purchase.  48 per cent of respondents indicated that they would be likely to select a car that was more efficient than the one they drive currently.

Eight per cent of those surveyed stated that they would avail themselves of public transport instead of paying for a car.  Another 11 per cent stated that they would select a model that they could procure discount car insurance for.

One insurance expert stated that motorists must do their best to find the best deals they can as prices are on the up.  Those drivers who do their homework will be able to stretch their cash all the further.

There are several different ways to reduce insurance premiums, according to the insurance industry insider.  One such tactic is to pay your premium annually instead of every month.  Doing so will result in an overall reduction of the cost of cover.

Other ways to limit insurance prices are to keep within speed limits and to drive as carefully as possible, the insurance expert added.

Such tips could prove to be of particular use to many UK consumers; recent research has shown that many consumers spent the first month and a half of the new year working hard in order to pay off interest on his or her debts.

Many industry experts recommend the use of online price comparison sites to find the best deals for car insurance.

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