Car insurance companies anticipate hike from amorous acts

As Valentine’s Day comes to a close and couples throughout the UK enjoy a little romantic time, some car insurance companies have come to anticipate an increase in claims originating from amorous behaviour on the road.

Motor car insurance provider, the Co-operative, recently revealed research findings that indicated that frisky behaviour whilst driving is the leading cause of distracted driving.  According to the provider of discount car insurance, 20 per cent of motorists in the UK that were in relationships stated that they have either had a near miss or an outright accident as a result of a bit too much friskiness behind the wheel.

A full 30 per cent indicated that they felt their driving proficiency suffered when accompanied by their partner as a passenger.  44 per cent reported having their partner in the car with them was a distraction.

At 24 per cent, nearly one out of every four male drivers indicated their partners were a distracting influence whilst driving.  Female drivers were significantly more likely to be distracted, with 37 per cent indicating that their driving suffered as a result.

The survey further found that all was fair in love and war, however.  The next biggest distraction was having a heated argument with a partner whilst driving, the report indicated.  The next most distracting situations were drivers dealing with a backseat driver or having their partner chatter away in the seat next to them.

The Co-operative’s motor insurance head, Grand Mitchell, commented on the research findings in an accompanying statement.  Mr Mitchell stated that the research findings highlighted the high potential for partners to distract drivers.  He also cautioned drivers that they should keep their attention firmly on what’s ahead of them, despite how romantic the drive may be.

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