Cold UK weather caused £1b in motor car insurance claims

Recently released statistics indicate that the cold weather that had battered the UK at the tail end of 2010 caused more than £1 billion in motor car insurance claims.

Both home and car insurance companies recorded more than £460,000 claims during the frigid December weather last year.  The total bill for all claims was approximately £1.43 billion according to the Association of British Insurers.

Nealy 200,000 of these claims originated from cold-related damage done to homes.  The most common occurrences were those stemming from damage caused to pipes freezing and then bursting due to the expanding ice. Cost estimations for repairs done to households from the freezing temperatures was in excess of £900 million.

The number of car insurance claims were even higher, however.  An approximate 278,000 claims were made during the blast of wintry weather. One of the largest causes of accidents during the time period was icy roadways that made travelling difficult and dangerous.  Traffic collisions with stationary objects and other motor vehicles were one of the leading sources of insurance claims as a result. The total damage done to cars in December is estimated to be around £530 million.

Insurance industry experts state that December was especially punishing to UK car and home owners in comparison with other instances of inclement weather. The last recorded total damage statistics for a similarly cold period of winter weather was only a combined £700 million.

These same experts add that such bouts of dangerous winter weather highlight how important it is for motor vehicle and property owners to have proper insurance cover to protect their cars and houses.  One expert commented that paying a premium is much less of a hassle than trying to find a way to afford the repairs to extensive winter-related damage in the long run.

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