Car insurance companies join forces with DVLA

Car insurance companies have recently announced they intend to join forces with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in order to crack down on drivers operating without proper motor car insurance.

The insurance industry will begin to compare its databases with the DVLA in an effort to make it more difficult for insurance dodgers to evade detection.  Once a car owner is identified as not carrying the proper insurance, they will be subject to fines and could possibly have their car seized and destroyed.  The insurance industry is counting on the threat to motivate these car owners into finding at least discount car insurance to ensure their vehicles are covered adequately.

New regulations set to go into effect in coming months are changing the insurance market landscape significantly.  In an effort to stamp out uninsured driving, all vehicles will now be required to have valid insurance whether or not they are on the road.

This change may end up angering car owners who choose not to run their vehicles, as they will now need to spend more money to insure the number of vehicles they own.  However many industry experts recommend shopping around for online car insurance quotes can net motorists attractive deals.

Road safety minister, Mike Penning, defended the decision by stating that all vehicles need to be insured in the event of an emergency.

Uninsured car owners will not automatically be fined, however. They will first receive a warning letter, which will afford them the opportunity to take out insurance cover on the vehicle in question.  In the event that they neglect to do so, they will then be subject to a £100 fine.  Those who decide to disregard the warnings will face subsequent fines and the eventual seizure and destruction of their vehicle.

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