Motorists urged to beware so-called ‘scorpion’ insurers

As motorists begin plans to seek out discount car insurance for the coming year, industry experts have issued a warning to be on the lookout for so-called ‘scorpion’ motor car insurance companies.

Ten per cent of drivers are planning to save money this year by cutting back on their insurance cover, reveals recently conducted research.  Motorists have indicated that in order to procure cheaper car insurance they are prepared to remove certain policy provisions such as courtesy cars or legal protection.  Others were planning to raise their voluntary excess to get a more attractive car insurance rate.

However, insurance company insiders have recently brought to light that many times customers have little choice whether they pay for such additional extras or not since many such provisions are included in insurance packages automatically.  As an alternative, experts suggest that drivers may instead benefit using a price comparison website to compare car insurance quotes.

Over 50 per cent of those surveyed in the study reported that shopping for an online car insurance quote made the process of finding an alternative to their current policy easier.  Many different comparison services are available to consumers on the Internet.

A willingness to be flexible can lead to better rates for some motorists.  However drivers also need to be quite careful over what kinds of choices they do make in regards to their cover, experts say.

Motorists were urged to avoid ‘scorpion’ insurance companies that might contain a painful sting hidden behind an attractive rate.  A policy that seems highly affordable may vary widely in how expensive the charges for such activities as cancellation fees, mid-term adjustments, and making direct debit payments.  Experts indicate that all of these factors may make a relatively inexpensive-looking policy much more costly over time.

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