Motor car insurance poll finds women suffer driving stress

According to the results of an AA Motor Car Insurance poll, women suffer from more driving stress than do men.

The discount car insurance provider found that anxiety levels for female drivers were higher when confronted with a list of potentially stressful motoring activities.  The choices of the poll included negotiating multi-lane roundabouts and entering or exiting motorways.

Females found activities such as overtaking cars, driving on motorways, changing lanes at speed, and parallel parking attempts more stressful than their male counterparts, the insurer’s poll discovered.

26.7 per cent of female respondents reported that changing lanes at speed was either very stressful or quite stressful.  This figure was three times as high as male stress figures.  Additionally only 9.6 per cent of men felt stressed when overtaking other cars compared to the 24.7 per cent of women that feel uncomfortable. Finally 36.9 per cent of female drivers felt put out whilst trying to parallel park, yet only 14.4 per cent of men felt the same way.

AA Motor Insurance Director John Farrell stated that some stress may be beneficial.  The director stated that since women statistically get into fewer accidents that result in raised car insurance rates, men may be overconfident in their abilities to perform complex driving manoeuvres.

All motorists need to guard against such distractions as feeling aggravated whilst behind the wheel, Mr Farrell stated. He added that some nervousness may lead to an improvement in driving if it makes motorists more careful.

Over 21,000 drivers took part in the AA Insurance poll.  The poll was carried out from the 21st of January to the 28th.  The majority of the poll was conducted by using AA Motor Insurance customers in Ireland.

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