Women over 60 pay higher car insurance rates

One consumer reporting organisation has recently discovered that women over the age of 60 in the UK pay higher car insurance rates than their male counterparts of the same age.

Which? Cars recently carried out a study that yielded the noteworthy results.  Through the use of websites designed to compare car insurance, it was discovered that men over a certain age obtain cheaper car insurance than women.

For the over-60 crowd, a woman’s premiums begin increasing more quickly than a man of the same age, the research study found.  Additionally these premiums will become disparate between the two sexes even if all other details remain the same.

This can result in men paying up to £80 less in insurance premiums than women.  Out of all car insurance companies investigated, Which? Cars found that Admiral Insurance had the most disparity between genders in regards to insurance premiums.  A company spokesman stated that this is reflective of statistical risk data gathered regarding aging drivers.

While the practice is commonplace in the UK, many drivers will question the validity of such a decision on the part of the car insurer.  Many motorists have experienced what can only be described as infuriating when caught behind an overly cautious driver of advanced years.

Statistically these drivers (who tend to putter along at a leisurely 20 miles per hour in the fast lane) are usually male.  The fact that female drivers however are the ones subjected to higher insurance rates seems counter-intuitive.

Industry experts have made several suggestions as to why this situation occurs.  One popular theory is that female drivers aged 60 and older are not driving more recklessly but that their male counterparts are so hyper-vigilant in regards to safe driving.  This leads to males over a certain age having a lower risk profile than females.

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