Cheap car insurance for young drivers sorely lacking

After finding that discount car insurance for young drivers is incredibly difficult to find, one Leeds man and his son face a car insurance rate of £5,700.

New Farnley native David Cockayne wanted to celebrate the 18th birthday of his son James by buying him a car in order to help him drive to his part-time job.  However the cheapest car insurance he could find was prohibitively expensive, leaving him frustrated and upset.

Mr Cockayne recently stated that he knew motor car insurance for a young driver would be expensive, but not to the tune of nearly £6,000 in premiums.  He stated that if he’d known the costs involved he wouldn’t have bought his son driving lessons and led him to believe he’d be getting a small car for his birthday.

Mr Cockayne claims that James’ record is bereft of convictions or any other possible problems, yet still the cheapest car insurance quote they could find on a Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 was £5,700.

Knowing that there was a large percentage of variability in the insurance market, Mr Cockayne attempted to shop around to reduce the figure.  Claiming that he tried every way he could think of, the father stated that he’s tried not only various brokers but also price comparison sites and even insurers not listed on those sites.

After his experiences with the prohibitive cost of insuring a car for a young driver, Mr Cockayne expressed worries that some young drivers would take the risk of driving without valid insurance.

British Insurance Brokers Association Corporate Affairs head, Graeme Trudgill, commented on the dilemma facing James and his father.  As premiums for young drivers have reached a record high, Mr Trudgill suggested James seeking out a broker that specialises in young drivers in order to get a lower price.

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