New car insurance comparison tool launched online

One voucher code and cashback site has recently launched a new online car insurance comparison tool for their customers.

Voucher code and cashback site Quidco is launching the service in order for their customers to more easily find discount car insurance.  In addition to saving money on car insurance rates, Quidco customers will be eligible for earning cashback through the site as well.

With a typical range of anywhere between £24 and £39 per insurance policy, Quidco has added cashback to each policy in order to facilitate larger savings for its customers.  This differs significantly from most other comparison sites, who simply order the insurers in order of cheapest to most expensive.

After a customer enters details concerning their driving history and the type of car they own, the new price comparison engages in a search of more than 70 insurers.  Providers such as Elephant, Admiral, and MORE TH>N are all examined by the tool before it displays the most affordable policies. In the event that a customer clicks through to an insurer using the Quidco tool, the insurer pays the company a commission.  This commission is then passed on at least in part to the customer as part of his or her cashback reward.

Quidco spokesperson, Hannah Green, commented that current comparison sites are a good start for thrifty drivers but more can be done to reward consumers.  Motorists should be rewarded further for their research efforts besides cheaper rates, Ms Green revealed.  This is why Quidco has decided to offer cashback in addition to the kinds of deals consumers can find on more traditional comparison websites.

Ms Green assured drivers that the deals to be found on Quidco are identical to those found on other sites in every other way save the cashback reward.

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