Compare car insurance to control motoring costs

The costs of motoring have increased significantly over the past 12 months, yet industry experts have said that deciding to compare car insurance is one way to manage those costs.

Combing the market for discount car insurance is one of the best ways to reduce yearly premiums, experts say.  This can sometimes be the difference between financing a motor and not being able to do so.

Motorists need to examine the best car insurance rates for their specific age group.  This is due to the fact that car insurance companies typically see drivers under a certain age to be higher risk.  This leads to higher rates for younger drivers on a regular basis.

However there are some insurers that specifically offer insurance for younger drivers.  Many experts say these insurance companies are worth taking the time to investigate.

Other special cases include preference for female drivers over their male counterparts.  Women are considered to be a lower accident risk according to industry statistics, and there are some insurers that offer premiums specifically tailored for female drivers.

Despite the rapid standardisation of car insurance cover and their resultant premiums, diligent consumers can still find discounts.  Drivers could reduce premiums by completing further driving qualifications such as night-time and motorway driving lessons.

Once a motorist has earned a certificate for completing such courses, many insurers will discount his or her car insurance rate for taking the time to become a better and more perceptive driver.

There are other ways to reduce the costs of motoring besides finding discount car insurance.  Reducing the amount of petrol drivers use can help save on costs as well.

Using public transport or simply walking to close destinations can significantly reduce the amount of cash spent on filling up the petrol tank every week, experts say.

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