Motor car insurance industry organisation wants reduced costs

One motor car insurance industry organisation has gone on record by stating that the government needs to do more to reduce the rising costs of insuring a car in the UK.

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association has recently put forward an eight-step proposal for keeping car insurance rates in check.  The organisation hopes that those in power will take heed of the proposal.

BIBA called for a procedure for drivers in the report referred to as ‘signposting.’  The practice would entail pointing motorists towards a broker that would be relevant to the cover they required.  The insurance industry body stated that doing so could result in making discount car insurance for young drivers more accessible.

One of the report’s other points included the recommendations of regulating price comparison websites to ensure they meet appropriate standards, a driving test reassessment, and a review of Pass Plus.

BIBA’s report also stated that the government should strongly consider making the proposed Continuous Insurance Enforcement scheme into law.  Passing a CIE regulation would make it illegal to own a vehicle without at least breakdown cover.  Those found in violation of CIE could face the seizure of their car.

Graeme Trudgill, head of corporate affairs for BIBA, commented on the eight-point plan.  Mr Trudgill stated that the institution of such precautions would aid more people in finding insurance.  This would mean by extension that fewer drivers would be left unprotected and uninsured, he added.

In related news, one price comparison website has recently issued a warning to drivers to check the level of their coverage. urged motorists in the UK to check that their current car insurance cover offers them the cover they would need in the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident.

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