10 per cent of Brits looking for cheaper car insurance

New research findings indicate that approximately 10 per cent of drivers in the UK are looking for cheaper car insurance this year.

One online motor car insurance provider additionally found that 41 per cent of motorists are trying to save money by conducting car insurance comparisons.  Many of these customers may end up switching car insurance companies.

Many customers are relying on online insurance comparison sites to find discount car insurance.  Many of these sites only require customers to type their details in before receiving price quotes online.  Some sites will offer special deals such as discounts or cashback.

The study also indicated that two out of every three Brits were keen to save money on energy bills.  Additionally 55 per cent were in search of cheaper deals for their credit cards, while 42 per cent were investigating new broadband providers as well.

Regarding car insurance nearly three out of every five respondents stated that would like to save between £20 and £50 on their yearly premiums.  Nine per cent expressed wanting to save at least £100.  On average drivers desired to save around £47 on their insurance cover.

The insurance firm’s marketing director Tina Shortle commented by saying that shopping around for the best car insurance in order to make the highest possible savings is an important activity.  Ms Shortle was pleasantly surprised to see 36 per cent of respondents expressing a desire to switch their home insurance cover provider since most home owners see the process of switching providers too difficult to bother.

In related relevant to discount car insurance, one industry expert recently stated that offering to pay excess to your insurer in the event of an accident may not reduce the amount of insurance in the long run.

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