Drivers told to compare car insurance following poor weather

UK motorists have recently been told by industry experts that they should compare car insurance deals on the market following the inclement weather conditions that have been gripping the country.

Ice and snow has engulfed major portions of the UK over the past few weeks.  As a result, car insurance companies have recently issued warnings to their customers regarding the growing numbers of potholes the bad weather will bring.

Many providers of motor car insurance stated that a sizable proportion of driving surfaces in the UK are living on borrowed time.  This is due to both the heavy rain and snow and the growing problem of road hazards brought about by the poor weather.

The director of one insurer stated that over the past few years such problems have been on the upturn. AA Insurance director Simon Douglas stated that the pothole problem will significantly worsen this year.  Mr Douglas added that this is due to both the growing backlog of road renewal and the three successive bad winters the UK has experienced.

Many insurers have experienced a statistically significant rise in car insurance claims due to reduced visibility and lack of control caused by snowy and icy roads.  The AA alone has experienced increases of as much as 100 per cent in comparison to previously compiled statistics.

In related news, the managing director of one car maintenance firm stated that wheels and axles may need to be examined for any damage during and after icy conditions.

Pro-Align managing director, Paul Beaurin, stated that collisions with kerbs and fenceposts stemming from icyroadways could do serious damage to a car’s wheel alignment or tyre balance.  Such damage could result in unsafe driving conditions that could eventually lead to a serious, life-threatening accident.

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