Motor car insurance dodgers number over one million

Motor car insurance dodgers now number over one million in the UK. Once tracked down these uninsured drivers face possible fines of as much as £1,000 thanks to a new crackdown.

Driving without at least discount car insurance insurance cover is the number one safety menace in Britain according to some reports.  Up until now the only way to catch those not paying insurance is to catch them in the act of driving whilst uninsured.  Some ministers however wish to make it an offence to simply be the registered owner of a vehicle lacking insurance.

The new regulations could lead to a reduction in the car insurance rates of more honest drivers.  Statistics indicate that these properly insured motorists end up paying an average of £30 each in order to cover the costs incurred by car crashes where uninsured drivers were involved.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning is expected to give the go-ahead to the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement regulations within the coming weeks.  The regulations include being sent a warning letter if your details do not appear on both the Motor Insurance Database and the DVLA.

If you still fail to procure insurance cover, a £100 fine and a wheel clamping is in your immediate future.  Further neglect in procuring cover will result in being prosecuted and possibly facing up to a £1,000 fine.  Finally your car could face seizure and destruction under the new regulations.

Approximately 1.2 million motorists on the roads today are uninsured, sources say.  That works out to approximately one for every 10 drivers that neglect to procure the proper cover.  Road traffic accident statistics indicate that uninsured drivers are involved in 160 fatal accidents and 23,000 injuries every 12 months.

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