Drivers cautioned to look out for black ice

The Cumbria Constabulary has recently offered advice to drivers in how to avoid patches of dangerous black ice on roadways in the UK and the resultant motor car insurance claims that could arise from them

Black ice and wet roadways are often confused for each other due to their similar appearance.  Police officers have cautioned that mistaking one for the other could result in not only serious car accidents but create headaches for someone trying to find discount car insurance after they’ve been in such an accident.

The advice given by the Cumbria Constabulary included leaving several car lengths of space between both your own car and the care of the driver in front.  Doing so will ensure that even if the roads are icy the extra space will give time to come to a stop in the event of an emergency or at a road junction.

One police force spokesperson stated that motorists are being urged to slow their speed and to drive with an abundance of caution during poor weather conditions.  In addition motorists are being informed that by keeping their windscreen clear and their screenwash topped up will help in avoiding spray and road salt from becoming a visibility hazard.

Over the past week black ice has played a major role in a large number of road traffic accidents on motorways and roads in Scotland.  Two of the most dangerous locations in terms of crashes have been on the M8 and M9.  Police were forced to close both roads in the aftermath of these serious incidents.

In addition to the risks of life and limb pointed out by the Cumbrian Constabulary the very real danger of a driver seeing their car insurance rates go up after a winter weather-related accident are very real.

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