Online car insurance customers told to check for damage

Customers who recently secured online car insurance have been urged to check their cars for damage brought about by the nasty winter weather that has been gripping the country over the past several weeks.

Road safety site recently made the suggestion that motorists should have their cars taken to a garage for a wheel alignment.  This is because even the smallest pothole or kerb collisions can cause problems that could lead to significant dangers whilst on the road.

Procuring cover for a car in the UK can be very dear, even through a discount car insurance policy.  Protecting your investment is an important part of car ownership, and company managing director Paul Beaurain stated that significant damage or misalignment to components can occur from impacts even at very low speeds.  The danger of such damage is compounded if the collisions occur at unusual angles, Mr Beaurain added.

Misaligned wheels have been known to cause wear to tyres at an accelerated rate if left untreated.  This could lead to an increase in rolling resistance which would result in lowered fuel economy.

More serious problems could prove dangerous to both pedestrians and other road users, the company stated.  Combined with poor road conditions this could lead to an increase to the already high motor car insurance claims that accompany winter weather driving.  Many insurance providers have found that the winter months are the busiest times of the year for their claims departments.

While poor road conditions are a problem any time of year the winter months highlight the importance of keeping cars free from damage. Uneven road surfaces and potholes tend to grow during adverse weather conditions, as the constant cycle of freezing and thawing ice and snow widens cracks and erodes roadways.

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