Cheap car insurance provider urges care in snow and ice

One provider of discount car insurance in the UK has recently urged motorists to ensure they remove all excess snow and ice off their cars in an effort to increase vehicle safety.

Motor car insurance retailer Swinton discovered that 63 per cent of their drivers are only removing the barest minimum of snow off their vehicles after an online survey of 1,200 of their customers.  This ensures that they have enough visibility to drive, but also means that snow still lies heavily on car boots, bonnets, and around wheels.  Moreover Swinton’s survey also found that 82 per cent of respondents felt that removing all the snow from their cars was unnecessary to drive safely in cold weather conditions.

Reduced safety on the roads can lead to an increase in car accidents.  This could also lead to a rise in car insurance rates in order to offset the rising costs of insurance payouts, so Swinton has issued several tips for the effective and safe removal of ice and snow from cars.

Swinton urges its customers to remove all the ice and snow from the front and rear windscreens of cars through the use of de-icer, a snow brush, and an ice scraper.  It also states that removing snow on the car’s roof is beneficial so as to avoid it falling onto a driver’s windscreen during travel.

Swinton also recommended that ice and snow should be removed from both front and rear lights in addition to the car’s licence plate.  Also the insurer urged its customers to never leave the car’s engine idling whilst scraping ice and snow off of it, as having a car stolen whilst the keys are in the ignition is a surefire way to get your motor car insurance invalidated.

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