MIB reminds drivers to buy motor car insurance

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau has recently issued a reminder to motorists to purchase or renew their motor car insurance cover over the festive period.

This time of the year is typically a busy one for Brits.  Sometimes financial commitments get sidelined or completely forgotten about.  The MIB acknowledged the frenetic pace of life during this time, but they also warn that long-term consequences could be quite severe if discount car insurance isn’t procured for motorists’ vehicles.

The organisation states that approximately 500 cars are seized by the authorities on a daily basis for insurance-related reasons. Driving without adequate insurance cover can have far-reaching ramifications for these motorists.

MIB campaigner Natalie Pinkham commented on the importance of keeping vehicles insured during the festive season.  Ms Pinkham stated that while it is true that many UK consumers are short on cash during this time of year, the act of motoring without proper insurance cover is the worst kind of false economy.

If caught driving without cover, motorists can face six penalty points and a £200 fine, Ms Pinkham added.  The driver could also face recovery fees and a car insurance rate hike in their future as well.

The MIB campaigner recommended two ways to control the costs of cover.  One suggestion she made to drivers was to engage in a course of advanced driving lessons.  Another was taking time to research car insurance companies properly before committing to a new insurance policy.

In related news Virgin Money recently discovered that 45 per cent of car insurance customers may actually be losing money. The loss of cash was attributed to reluctance on the part of consumers to take the requisite time to conduct a proper search for discount car insurance.

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