Car insurance rates go down if motorists drive less

When the number of miles driven as reported to car insurance companies are reduced, car insurance rates go down, finds one consumer organisation.

New research from Which? magazine states that when motorists overestimate their expected mileage for a given year, direct and online car insurance quotes go up. However most motorists never exceed or even meet their estimated yearly mileage.  Accurate portrayals of motorists’ expected mileage  can lead to a reduction in premiums in many cases, however.

Many other factors come into play when searching for discount car insurance.  One other way to reduce a motorist’s monthly premium payments is to commit to a higher excess, with is how much a driver has to pay out of pocket for medical advice.

Some practices that motorists become involved with include insuring a driver with a more solid driving record instead of themselves in order to take advantage of lower rates.  The process, which is called fronting, can be illegal except for very strictly regulated uses such as parents placing their children on their policies.

Many other actions to be avoided include performing modifications to a motorist’s car to make it a more high profile theft or vandalism target.  The inclusion of tinted windows and alloy wheels could draw attention to a car from vandals or thieves.   Furthermore the customer’s insurance premiums could rise to account for the heightened risk of a claim.

Car insurance companies also caution drivers to store spare keys out of sight of letterboxes, windows, and doors.  Avoiding these practices reduces the risk of theft, as criminals will not face the temptation to break in in order to abscond with a free ride.

Industry experts agree that reducing risks and reporting yearly mileage properly can lead to a less expensive car insurance policy in the long run.

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