Online car insurance seekers told to take driving courses

One motor vehicle organisation has told those seeking online car insurance that taking additional driving courses may aid in reducing car insurance rates.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has told motorists in search of discount car insurance that honing their driving skills can help to achieve that goal.  This is in addition to the other benefits such continuing education brings such as added confidence levels whilst driving.

Peter Rodger, the Institute’s chief examiner, stated that driving techniques often become taken for granted by drivers.  Additionally Mr Rodger stated that with the approaching new year, one excellent resolution that motorists could make is to travel in a safer and more efficient manner over the next 12 months.

The Institute offers a refresher course especially geared for drivers over 55 years of age.  The programme is called Drive Check 55.  An additional programme the Institute offers is tailored for drivers who just recently passed their initial test.  Entitled Momentum, the driving course offers another opportunity to practise their skils with an instructor present in the car with them for a more focused learning experience.

As the weather in the UK has been wet and wintry for the past several weeks, even experienced drivers have been running into trouble. Winter weather related accidents have increased exponentially, according to some car insurance companies.  Many sensible drivers take the time to follow the advice of the Highways Agency and check the weather forecasts before getting behind the wheel.  Another safety-minded technique for bad weather conditions is to leave extra time for car trips.

The festive period also brings with it the dangers of encountering drink drivers on the nation’s roadways.  Many industry experts agree some extra time behind the wheel with advanced instruction can help avoid costly car road traffic accidents caused by intoxicated or careless drivers driving in poor weather conditions.

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