Car insurance companies warn those driving abroad

Several car insurance companies have issued warnings to their customers regarding the dangers of driving abroad with inadequate insurance cover.

Swinton Insurance, one such motor car insurance provider, stated that UK motorists going on holiday should ensure they have the requisite levels of breakdown recovery and car insurance for their needs.

The provider of discount car insurance in the UK conducted an online survey into its customers’ holiday plans.  Swinton found that 15 per cent of its customers had plans to drive abroad but do not have adequate levels of European breakdown cover.

Swinton has issued a warning to its customers by stating that just because they may have a comprehensive policy at home this does not mean their levels of cover abroad will match. Some insurers offer only the minimum required level of insurance abroad, which is third party cover.

Swinton recommended motorists who have plans to drive to their holiday destinations this winter to increase their level of cover.  Buying additional cover to guard against breakdowns whilst in Europe could protect their customers in the unfortunate event that one of them becomes involved in a roadside emergency.

Swinton’s Insurance Development Manager expanded on the situation.  Steve Chelton stated that driving to a holiday destination is one way to save on travel costs.  However there is a need for motorists to be doubly sure that their insurance policies will cover them in the event of a breakdown whilst abroad, Mr Chelton added.

If they have to pay out of pocket for a recovery service while away from home, motor vehicle operators could face excessive costs that would dwarf the price of additional breakdown cover, the insurance expert concluded.  Industry experts agree with Mr Chelton’s assessment by stating that the price of additional breakdown cover pales in comparison to the costs associated with a breakdown abroad.

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