Consumers not haggling for discount car insurance quotes

Many consumers state that they have no problems haggling for cheap car insuance quotes.  However one new research survey has discovered that less consumers are engaging in the practice than previously thought.

Customers looking for discount car insurance often get frustrated with the process, the survey found.  As motor car insurance research can sometimes take up to a 20 minute phone call for each insurer they examine, many customers report difficulties in repeating the process over and over again.

Survey respondents rated the enjoyability of hunting for cheaper car insurance quite poorly.  Many compared the experience to doing housework or getting an injection.  A total of 52 per cent of respondents stated they either hated it, didn’t enjoy it, or actively avoided the entire process.

Industry experts agree that the best way to find the best insurance is to ensure that it meets the needs of each individual consumer.  Matching insurance with a consumer’s personal needs that reflexts his or hir stage of life and age is of the utmost importance.

One example given is that of a young, unmarried person having very different insurance needs in comparison to someone who is older, married, and with children.

One other important thing for customers to keep in mind is periodically reviewing the level of cover they actually have.  Doing so can ensure that consumers don’t waste money by blindly renewing an insurance policy with expensive and unnecessary cover.

A full 20 per cent of survey respondents either reviewed their levels of coverage five or more years ago or could not recall the last time they did altogether.

Another important matter is to ensure policyholders do not sacrifice quality in order to save a few pounds.   Saving money is always important, but sometimes the best insurance for any given consumer may not be the cheapest – or even the most expensive.

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