Motor car insurance firm apologises for lengthy claim

One motor car insurance firm recently issued an apology to one of its customers.  Kevin Hampton from South Tyneside faced a four month long wait for a claim payout after he narrowly avoided bodily harm when his car became engulfed in flames.
Mr Hampton was driving in Sunderland last August when his Mitsubishi Pajero was wrecked due to an engine fire.  As many customers of car insurance companies would do in the same situation, he contacted his insurer and was informed that Post Office Car Insurance would send him a payout for the cost of the car minus his excess.

The South Shields native however stated that the nightmare had only begun at that point.  In a recent interview Mr Hampton stated that he had put down £200 on a new vehicle, as he had been assured that his payout was coming soon.  After some time he contacted the provider of discount car insurance again, where he was informed that he owed them money due to an earlier accident he had been involved in, though he had not been at fault.

The fees were removed from Mr Hampton’s final settlement.  Despite this however his insurer took additional funds from his bank account.  He found out this was because Post Office Insurance had determined he still needed to pay his insurance premiums despite not having a car.
After the insurer quoted him a monthly car insurance rate of £157.88 for his new car, he instructed them to cancel his coverage.  Upon doing so he was informed that canceling his policy would result in him being blacklisted and barred from obtaining insurance from any other provider.

As a result of his treatment, Mr Hampton has decided to take his complaint to the ombudsman.  The case is slated to be investigated in the near future.

A Post Office Insurance spokesman apologised to Mr Hampton, stating that the firm was sorry he is not happy with the service the insurer has provided him.  The spokesman further stated that an underwriter error may be responsible for the matter and that the insurer will be investigating the issue on their end as well.

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