Motor car insurance claims increase by 100 per cent

With incidences increasing by 100 per cent, motor car insurance provider AA Insurance has announced record high claims for the beginning of this week.

Ice and snow has contributed to one of the busiest days for many car insurance companies in the UK.  In comparison to a normal day in December, the number of accidents has doubled.

The Cardiff call centre for the AA has been swamped with record high volumes. Things have gotten so desperate that AA managerial staff have had to step up to assist in handling the number of calls coming in. In addition to the increased work load, claims staff for the insurer are also dealing with some of the nastiest weather the region has suffered in many years.

One director of the discount car insurance provider stated that they have had to prioritise cases by urgency.  Simon Douglas commented that the icy roads led to the unprecedented volume.  Early morning commuters found conditions to be so deteriorated that their cars careened like intoxicated ice skaters across the frozen pavement.

Cars were colliding with not only bollards, lamp posts, and kerbs, said Mr Douglas, but also with each other. The heavy evening snows that many regions experienced led to the development of a similar pattern that evening.

Mr Douglas did indicate however that not all the news was bad.  Due to the nature of most accidents occurring at a relatively low rate of speed, personal injuries were down.  In fact even in the face of the extremely high claims volume, figures for personal injury cases decreased by 10 per cent in comparison to a December day that was free of inclement weather.

Mr Douglas urged motorists to listen to their local authorities in regards to road safety issues.  He also suggested to postpone any driving activity unless it was absolutely necessary until the roads can be cleared.

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