Cheap car insurance provider warns against drink driving

One provider of discount car insurance has issued a warning regarding drink driving over the coming Christmas period.

Motor car insurance provider Swinton Insurance counselled against complacency on the part of motorists choosing to drive whilst intoxicated.  Swinton highlighted the recent news story involving ex footballer Paul Gascoigne’s barely avoided jail term for just such an offence.

Gazza narrowly escaped serving time for his escapades in October when he was found to be driving with four times the legal level of alcohol in his system.  The controversial footballer had been observed driving his MG in an erratic fashion.  Once stopped by the authorities, his breath proved to have 142mg of alcohol present.  The legal limit is only 35mg.

In light of the highly publicised incident, Swinton has chosen to urge their customers to act responsibly this Christmas season.  It joins several other car insurance companies in calling for motorists to not get behind the wheel even for a short trip if they have been drinking.

The consequences for a drink driving conviction are dire.  Not only will anyone found guilty of the offence be subject to a fine and up to 11 points on their licence, many insurers will raise their car insurance rates as well.

One Swinton Insurance Development Manager commented on how lucky Gascoigne turned out to be.  Steve Chelton stated that Gazza barely avoided a jail term, and motor vehicle operators should not expect such good fortune in their own cases.

Drink driving is taken very seirously, Mr Chelton stated.  The behaviour is dangerous to not only the driver’s life but the lives of pedestrians and other motorists as well.  He added that any motorists that fancied a night out at the pub during the next few weeks should leave their car keys at home.

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