One in six UK drivers drive without even discount car insurance

New research has revealed that one out of every six UK drivers operate their motor vehicles without procuring even discount car insurance. Moreover these individuals feel no remorse for their actions.

Online comparison site Moneysupermarket recently conducted the research survey.  The findings indicate that 4 per cent of drivers in the UK will drive without motor car insurance even knowing that to do so is against British law.  Moreover 2 per cent of respondents indicated that they had no idea that procuring cover was even a legal requirement.

An additional 8 per cent stated that they neglected to buy or renew their policies from car insurance companies because they lacked the time to do so.  Finally a handful of survey respondents indicated that they are such safe drivers that finding the proper cover is not a necessity.

Moneysupermarket’s Steve Sweeney commented on the survey findings.  Mr Sweeney stated that those who choose to drive without procuring motor car insurance cover are engaging in foolish and reckless behaviour.

Motorists who lack insurance run the risk of having six points put upon their licence if caught.  Additionally the courts may levy fines of as much as £5,000 for the legal violation.  Finally, Mr Sweeney stated that in the event of an accident, uninsured drivers could face having a liability claim brought against them that could result in costs in the thousands of pounds.

Many industry experts state that finding discount car insurance is not nearly as difficult as it has been in times past.  Many online comparison sites exist that will provide several different options for those shopping for insurance.  Additionally the added cost of paying car insurance premiums pales in comparison to the fines and legal costs that can accrue in the event of a roadway incident.

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