Motorists struggle with another blanket of snow and ice

For the second time this month, UK motorists find themselves struggling with another blanket of ice and snow. This has led to car insurance companies seeing another increase to the rate motorists file claims related to winter weather.

The AA has reported an increase of 10 per cent in the number of recently received claims.  The motor car insurance provider’s figures for just one day numbered 331 claims.  21 per cent of said claims were related to incidents caused by ice and snow.

Moreover Wales and Scotland has been contributing greatly to this new statistic.  As the weather has been particularly snowy in the two regions, no car insurance experts are surprised to hear that 51 per cent of claims originating from Scotland are winter-related.  Additionally 34 per cent of Welsh claims were due to collisions caused by either snow or ice.

AA Insurance director Simon Douglas stated that motorists should take sensible precautions and avoid any unnecessary journeys during foul weather.  He added that if the authorities in a motorist’s area have issued travel advisories, the best course of action would be to take heed before getting behind the wheel of a car.

He also recommended to plan journeys by taking the latest local weather forecasts into account.  As many motorists take to the roads to do their Christmas shopping, main roads will be safer due to a higher likelihood of being gritted, he added.

Mr Douglas pointed out that the most common type of winter claim was tail-end crashes.  These most often happened at roundabouts and road junctions, he noted. The next most common collision was with parked cars, according to the insurer. One final recommendation Mr Douglas made was to fit your car with winter tyres, which handle the snow and ice better than traditional tyres.

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