Aviva pulling motor car insurance cover for drugs related charges

One motor car insurance provider has recently stated it will be dropping anyone from their insurance involved in drugs related criminal activity.

One of the largest car insurance companies in the global marketplace, Aviva, publicly announced their intentions in a recent press release.  Any of their customers who make a car insurance claim in which drugs or other illegal substances played a role will not be covered, the insurer stated.

The announcement was made to fully inform customers of the company’s policies.  Aviva is making efforts to support government campaigns to reduce the number of motorists driving whilst under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol.  Such unsafe behaviour increases the number of accidents every year.  This leads to vastly increased costs for insurers, who then pass those costs along to their consumers by raising car insurance rates.

Aviva’s hope is that by clarifying their position on drugs and alcohol-related car accidents their customers would demonstrate more careful and responsible driving habits. The motor insurer stated that their policies are all written to expressly forbid such behaviour.

Aviva is a worldwide provider of insurance products.  It is the sixth-largest global insurer, and offers services not just across the Euro Zone but in the Asian and North American markets as well.

Aviva is not the only car insurer who has adopted the new policy changes.  Other car insurance companies have also decided to follow suit, and the phenomenon is not limited to the UK or Europe.  Many US insurers have also decided to drop coverage for drivers who get into accidents whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The policies set in place by firms such as Aviva do not apply in certain situations, however; if a doctor prescribes a motorist a certain medication that has a deleterious side effect which leads to a car insurance claim, for example, cover is not dropped.

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