Swinton issues safety alert as winter tyre shortage emerges

Leading motor car insurance provider Swinton recently issued a safety alert in the face of the emergence of a winter tyre shortage in the UK.

Many drivers seek to minimise any rise in their car insurance rates by switching to winter tyres as the weather turns bad.  As a result, suppliers are beginning to run out of stock of their specialty winter tyres.  This has led to frustration on the part of motorists seeking to increase the safety of their cars during the winter months.  32 per cent of motorists have been faced with difficulties in procuring the safer tyres, according to an online survey of 1,200 of Swinton’s car insurance customers.

Demand for winter tyres has been higher this year.  This has been attributed to the heavy snowfalls the UK experienced last season. Respondents to the Swinton survey stated that the leading cold weather tyres were unable to provide patterns for their cars.  This is in spite of the fact that Continental raised its delivery rate of winter tyres in the UK by 400 per cent compared to last year’s figures.

As a result of the shortages, many car insurance companies have been cautioning their customers to exercise more vigilance on the road this winter. Swinton has told its drivers that roads in the UK could be more dangerous with both the lack of winter tyre availability and the possibility of minimal levels of grit on the roads as well.

Swinton’s Insurance Development Manager Steve Chelton stated that drivers must check their tyres regularly, even when driving conditions are mild.  Having proper depth on the tread of your tyres is especially important when the roads are icy and snowy, he added.  Ordering new tyres well in advance was one suggestion he made in order to increase road safety.

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