Check your cars for faults or risk insurance invalidation

Motor vehicle operators have recently been issued a warning on something else they need to worry about this winter season.  After fighting so hard to procure discount car insurance, many motorists are running the risk of having their motor car insurance invalidated simply because they neglect to check their cars for faults.

A recent survey was conducted of several motorists.  This survey found that at 22 per cent nearly one out of every four drivers were travelling with brakes in need of maintenance.  This puts the safety of themselves and other drivers at risk in the event of a brake failure.  Moreover it could also wreak havoc on their car insurance rates if an easily avoidable incident were to occur.

The survey found that male motorists were guilty of several different risky behaviours. Slightly more than 20 per cent of men got behind the wheel of cars with tyres that were bald.  Furthermore 14 per cent of male drivers admitted to driving without a valid MOT.

Female drivers were also found to engage in less than safe driving habits as well.  Furthermore many female motorists know that their car is in need of maintenance but have neglected to get the requisite work done.  The survey found that 23 per cent of female drivers were aware that their lights were broken or that their windscreen had suffered damage.

One car insurance expert stated that the winter weather can be quite lovely. However long drives and cold conditions can make for a dangerous combination during the Christmas season.  This risk is compounded if motorists’ cars are not in proper working order.  If going for a long drive, the expert urged motorists to get their cars checked beforehand.

Bad weather makes this need even more important.  Statistics reveal that car insurance companies have been experiencing a recent rise in the number of claims.  This rise has been directly attributed to nasty winter weather conditions.

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